Expert Witness Medical Reports

Dr Thomas Millard



01453 835521


Dr Millard, a practicing NHS and private dermatologist of 18 years experience, prepares expert witness reports on all aspects of medical and surgical dermatology, except cosmetic dermatology cases.

He takes great care in the preparation of reports, in this complex area of medical practice. Dr Millard  and has written short form reports for the NHS Litigation Authority, in addition to expert witness medical reports for hospital trusts, law firms and employment tribunals with a 2:1 Defendant/ Claimant respective ratio.

Dr Millard has given expert witness evidence in person, under cross-examination, in court on clinical negligence and family cases, and by video link.


Cardiff University Law School Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate (Civil) 2018


  • Excellence in Written Evidence (2016)

  • Witness Familiarisation Criminal and Civil (2018)

  • Cross Examination (2018)

  • Law and Procedure (Civil) (2018)