CRAFT is an innovative organisation that has been created by practitioners, for practitioners. We offer training, consultancy and direct services in all aspects of managing and strengthening relationships in families, in particular, an early intervention approach to addressing domestic and family conflict, violence and abuse. Find out more about us...

The Principles of CRAFT

Our vision is a critically reflective, well supported workforce that values themselves and the work they do to meaningfully improve outcomes for children and their families.”

Jodie Das, Founder.


Craft is driven by a desire to enable individual’s families and practitioners to navigate the challenges they face, individually and collectively.

It is an approach that is dedicated to finding ways to improve outcomes for families through relationship focused work, addressing all types of abuse and violence, from low level conflict to high risk coercive control.

The CRAFT model is built about the key principle of compassion.
Compassion involves being kind to ourselves and each other, putting both practitioners and families at the centre of a caregiving network of systems that support, empower and enable.‘ (Dr Kathryn Waddington, 2017).

The CRAFT approach acknowledges the commitment and efforts both practitioners and families make. However, our responses, despite being well intentioned, require further consideration if we are to practice with compassion when working with domestic violence and abuse.

Please view ‘The Story of Emma’ below.

Inspired by Rachel’s Story and the work of Praxis International and the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project.

CRAFT Framework

“Working with domestic violence and abuse is a CRAFT. Navigating the complexities requires skills, confidence and continual criticallyreflective thinking.”

Jodie Das, Founder.


The CRAFT Framework is a way of working with individuals and families experiencing conflict, violence and abuse in their intimate and close relationships. It offers practitioners a way to organise and integrate thinking and doing,, from identification, through assessment, to recommended interventions.

The CRAFT Framework promotes robust, safety focussed and systemic practice that leads to quality experiences and outcomes for individuals and families experiencing conflict, violence and abuse.

Key components of CRAFT

The CRAFT framework is accompanied by a handbook containing both information and practical/procedural forms:

What practioners say about the  CRAFT framework:

To see what families who experience the CRAFT approach say click here

CRAFT Interventions

Based on extensive experience, and from a range of backgrounds working with domestic and family violence and abuse, CRAFT practitioners have developed a series of psycho-social educational programmes to address key areas when working with this complex issue.


The RESTORE programmes of interventions are essentially Relationship Education Sessions That Offer Restorative Experiences. They are designed to take both practitioners and those they are working with on a journey of awareness and self awareness, before motivating and offering potential change options. The RESTORE programmes can be delivered one to one or in a group setting and are designed to be flexible and tailored to the experiences and needs of individuals and families experiencing conflict, violence and abuse. Suitability for any of the RESTORE programmes is determined through using the CRAFT Framework.

For further information regarding any of the RESTORE programmes email:

CRAFT Services

We offer training in all aspects of the CRAFT model and all courses are tailored to the needs of your staff and the aims of your organisation.



CRAFT Framework Training
Typically delivered over two days, practitioners attending this training will gain a comprehensive overview of how to approach and work safely and preventatively with conflict, violence and abuse from a whole family perspective. We use innovative techniques to explore and reframe the complexities and challenges of working with different types of harm, in intimate and close relationships. The course is accompanied by a comprehensive CRAFT Framework handbook offering guidance and practical tools from identification, through assessment, to recommended interventions. For more information email:

CRAFT Bespoke Training
Craft deliver a variety of different courses and can cater for the needs of all practitioners and organisations working with the many aspects of conflict, violence and abuse in families, particularly where there are safeguarding concerns regarding children and/or adults.For more information email:

CRAFT Programmes of Intervention (RESTORE) Training
Delivered over a variety of timescales to suit your requirements, we deliver training for the facilitation of all RESTORE programmes. Participants will learn specific techniques and receive a programme manual containing material and sessions that address particular issues associated with conflict, violence and abuse in relationships and families. For more information email:

Consultancy and Supervision

CRAFT specialise in practice development. Whether you or your organisation are new to working with domestic violence and abuse or highly experienced, we use a range of techniques and interventions to motivate and develop all responses to this complex issue, CRAFT also supply audit and research services that monitor existing responses and ensure learning is built into individual and organisational practice.

We provide individual and group supervision, including clinical supervision, to teams and individual practitioners working with conflict, violence and abuse, particularly those working with victims and perpetrators of high risk domestic violence and abuse.
For more information email:

CRAFT in Practice

VS-logo.pngNational Victim Support have adopted the CRAFT approach to working with domestic and family violence, developing both the Framework and Intervention Programmes across several of their innovative projects.


Turning the Spotlight Cumbria - An example of CRAFT
in practice

CRAFT are proud to work in partnership with Turning the Spotlight (TTS), a Victim Support Project commissioned by Cumbria PCC to support families experiencing conflict, violence and abuse. Built on the framework and package of programmes developed by CRAFT, TTS offers extensive support to those who have experienced (and/or have perpetrated) standard to moderate levels of violence and abuse

The project provides a restorative approach and attention is given to the principles of building healthy and respectful relationships throughout all aspects of the TTS project. CRAFT continues to support TTS through practice development days and the provision of external consultancy/supervision on both a team and individual level.

For more information about TTS click here...

What families say about the approach they receive at TTS:

  What families say they learnt from the Programmes they attend:

CRAFT Research

If you are interested in being part of the study
or for further information please contact:

We welcome the views and experiences of all
practitioners working in this area.

“At CRAFT, we firmly believe that learning is an ongoing process and must be firmly linked with and built into practice. It is important that this is not only when something goes wrong or in the aftermath of a tragic event, but on a proactive and ongoing basis, throughout all interventions.”

Jodie Das, Founder.


In order to learn about and develop practice when working with
he many complexities of domestic and family violence, the CRAFT model is being tested as part of a doctoral study with the University
of Westminster.

The study is a Critical Participatory Action Research Study. This study method recognises practitioners as researchers themselves, who have important knowledge and experience to contribute to the ongoing learning and development of practice.  The study is focused on bringing together a range of professional disciplines working with conflict, violence and abuse in families to critically reflect and work together to generate learning and development for practice in this area.

Publications include: Das, J. and Unterlerchner, B. (2014) “Developing Programmes for Victims of Domestic Abuse” in McFarlane, MA and Canton, R (Eds) ‘Policy Transfer in Criminal Justice: Crossing Cultures, Breaking Barriers’ Palgrave Macmillan: UK


Research Partners include:

Victim Support and South Gloucestershire
Safeguarding Children Board.

Who we are and how to Contact us

The CRAFT team incorporates a group of highly experienced and trained professionals who have come together due to their passion and commitment to develop practice in the field of interpersonal and family violence.

Our team has extensive experience in family therapy, couples therapy and the management and delivery of programmes for addressing family violence, in particular working with perpetrators of DVA.  We also have extensive experience in all aspects of working with victims of domestic abuse, including assisting them in supporting their children.  All members of our team are experienced trainers and deliver training on a local, national and international level, as well as developing and delivering courses for University curriculums (Exeter and Westminster).

Jodie Das


John Davenne


Dinah Mears


Sarah Wigley


To contact us please either call us on: 0777 123456 or email:


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